e-GRASP is a web-resource developed to enable the query and exploration of the information contained in the GRASP2 database (Eicher et al., 2015) alongside evolutionary information which we have added for each single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). This evolutionary information can be used to prioritize SNPs with a greater likelihood of bona fide and reproducible genetic disease associations (Dudley et al., 2012).

To make queries faster, we have used relevant information from the GRASP2 database and built an expanded database containing evolutionary conservation for all SNP positions and disease-mutation diagnosis information for missense SNPs (Kumar et al., 2012 and Liu and Kumar, 2013).

Because GRASP2 is a publicly available genome-wide association study results, which has been directly used here, we recommend that all researchers, students, and clinicians make sure to cite the original contribution (Eicher et al., 2015) when referring to the use of E-GRASP. E-GRASP itself may be cited alongside, as appropriate.


e-GRASP: An Integrated Evolutionary and GRASP Resource for Exploring Disease Associations

BMC Genomics, 9:8pp

S. Karim, H.F. Nour Eldin, H. Abusamra, N. Salem, E. Alhathli, J. Dudley, M.D. Sanderford, L.B. Scheinfeldt A.G. Chaudhary, M.H. Al-Qahtani, S. Kumar